too. The airplane was registered to and operated by the private . I found the fuel valve last night but couldn't activate it. The rudder axis is 'reversed' as well. I went looking for the Skidoo race manual you mentioned - Did not find it. But I think chicagorandy's response is the best idea. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Forums - 10 Sep 20. After a year of great uncertainty, the earliest airshows of 2021 are feeling the pressure.January 8, 2021, In about one week, it all ends. The Aerolite 103 has been around since 1997 as either a fully assembled aircraft or as an assembly kit. Plus, a deal awaits some lucky buyer. The buyer will have to pick item up at 175 Chapter Educational Center at Tampa Executive Airport in Tampa , FL. , (BTW, you should say a prayer that the Backyard Flyer is no longer produced. Ken: Evidently you missed this article about Aerolite with a four stroke. Love this ultralight hope to buy one next year! engine options are available, including Rotax 447 and 503, Your link has been automatically embedded. ANIM_rotate_end Get the oil mix right and keep the revs inside the redline and everything worked fine. Features of this 3 aircraft package include dynamic virtual cockpits with working light-aircraft type instruments, strobe lights, accurate structural form . Youd need a good redrive to swing a prop with that and it would probably run you as much as the motor but youre still only in $1,400 ish at that point. Aerolite 103 kit and plans starting $11,500 Fully assembled and ready to fly aircraft available. The price of Aerolite is $ 14,000.00 plus sales tax. The Oshkosh 2019 Super Wonder Aerolite 103 will be equipped with these options or upgrades: Hirth F33 engine; Electric start; Lightweight lithium battery; Culver pProp; EIS panel; Hydraulic brakes; 6-inch wheels and tires; Final selling price: $17,900 (clarifying, that is $3,000 off the standard price of $20,900 for a Ready to Fly model with . This group was created for those interested in the Aerolite 103 to share ideas, thoughts and information. The Aerolite 103 is a pusher configuration rear propeller lightweight piston powered single engine aircraft nbsp The empty weight varies from 252 lb 114 kg to 300 lb 136 kg with 275 lb 125 kg useful load depending on the individual configuration Most. Note: due to increased spam activity, there will be a slight delay as all new users must be approved manually. Admittedly, there is always some magic. This dedication within the aviation community has made flying safer than driving despite what landlubbers believe is a risky way to travel.February 11, 2021, UPDATE 1/14/21 Regretfully, I must announce that DeLand has cancelled its Flyway to Highway event due to Covid-19. DJ George Dean, Hi George: Yes, Aerolite 103 producer U-Fly-It has been exceptionally busy for the last few years. 915 Biscayne Blvd., Hangar B, DeLand, FL 32724. At 220, the climb rate is about 600 feet per minute, and cruise speed about 55 miles an hour. messages and phone calls. Aerolite 103 Welcome to EAA Forums! this article about Aerolite with a four stroke. Right??? X-Plane.Org Plugs fouled regularly, and exhaust ports needed to be cleaned now and then, but sooo easy to work on, not a problem. I really would have bought it if it had been EUR 10 or less. I wonder if there is a 4 stroke option that could be used for example the Generac engine that Culver Props offered on the Swing wing airplane that they dont make anymore. The Backyard flyer. mouse wont turn it!! Airframe, Admittedly, there is always some magic. Could you tell me please? A product that is no longer supported by the developer, or is further developed, should not be for sale in the marketplace. Check X-Plane Forum, of course. (see below), Reduction D. Is Hirths 28-horsepower F33 enough power for bigger pilots, say someone weighing 250 pounds? The problem is that finding a 4-stroke under 80lbs. Deland, Florida producer U-Fly-It offers a ready to fly Aerolite 103 for the modest sum of just $15,900. As far as 2-strokes go, I have yet to see any that run as smooth as the Polinis. Sun n Fun 2015: Part 103 Ultralights Are Hot! Modern ultralights, as said above, are quite safe IF theyre flown within their limitations by a pilot who understands the differences between them and heavier aircraft. The entire regulation for Part 103 can be printed on the front and back of a single page of paper. Stage 4 they turn 10-12k all day. Other engine options are available, including Rotax 447 and 503, Kawasaki 440, Hirth F23, etc. Verner used to make a light two-cylinder 4-stroke, but it only pushed out 35hp max and about 23hp continuous. Even in the air. SPECIFICATIONS Wingspan -- 26.8 ft. Wing area -- 124 sq. I don t know many other companies in all of light aviation that can say that. Fully The hand symbol does not appear next to the fuel bulb. I own a powered parachute with one it it runs very well. A number of ultralights fly with 4-stroke engines. Home Videos Live Playlists. A-103 is like Quicksilver RTF and Belite is like a very puny Cub (it's actually a much reworked Kitfox that's hardly recognizeable anymore). Please ask U-Fly-It directly. Despite the simplicity of the Aerolite 103 I cant start the engine without using the auto option. I move it left or right, nada, I press F6 on its own and with the hand over the lever, nada. Thats a bummer as this is exactly the aircraft I waited for in MSFS. Super Affordability: U-Fly-Its Aerolite 103 Ultralight Aircraft Will Be a One-Week Super Wonder, DeLand Showcase 2017 Records Growth Customers Flew & Bought Vendors Smiled, Aerolite 120 Launches in Britain and Ireland. If you treat one like a four stroke, you are guaranteed to have problems. Nice. But I did find a 2006 Ski-doo shop manual. Some options are available but it is very likely you may have to travel to get instruction. Note: due to increased spam activity, there will be a slight delay as all new users must be approved manually. by rsteele Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:23 am, Post Haven't flown it for a while now, but should probably get back and enjoy some "low-and-slow" flying again. Bang! BYF accomplished the feat by using a spar-less wing that was a truss welded from aluminum tubes. For now, some of the newer 2-strokes (like the Polini 250) are actually pretty reliable if installed and maintained properly. No wonder it has remained popular for more than three decades. ANIM_rotate_key -7 -6.99978874 Automobile companies, building tens or hundreds of thousands of a single model, have an average U.S. selling price of more than $35,000 in 2019. To install, download, unzip and place in the livery folder. But every pilot flying a 2-stroke knows that and flies accordingly, right? well I did get it to start from a New Flight, and it must have low battery built in the simulation. The new owner can load it up on Saturday afternoon/evening, Dennis finished, or we can deliver it to you. I need to put those funds to toilet paper hoarding maan yes good point to make, putting it into perspective its not a horrible price. Used. Be serious please! I had a brain burp. X-Plane.Org I was finally able to get the 103 started, thanks to this discussion: But there are some other things about this default airplane that still mystify me. Your link has been automatically embedded. Bought it and honestly this isnt bad but as with nearly every MSFS release thus far its been buggy. Photo of elusive red handled fuel valve for the Aerolite 103. Approximate shipping cost to Memphis, Tennessee? This is the most popular Part 103 airplane these days. Official Nemeth Designs Forum. Also, if you spot the fox, let me know.. UPDATE 21/02/19 : V3.3 contains one new object (cottage) however I have also added a 2nd version of the airfield which fits better with Orbx True Earth North. by rsteele Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:52 pm, Post It nicely represents a low battery, but don't think that is what it is doing. Parachute! The Aerolite 103 Indeed, $150,000 Light-Sport Aircraft are priced beyond common budgets.August 12, 2011, Manufacturers in the ultralight industry believe they know what pilots want or what they will buy, anyway.November 1, 2002, M O S A I C Youtube has evidence that refutes that. Aerolite 103 kit and plans starting $11,500. Assembled, Factory Built 3Dreaming Ill do the calculation for you. A new and updated version of the Scottish Wings livery with the latest logo.just for fun. Compare that to the large gang of people who built the Zenith 750 or Vans RV-12 at Oshkosh (although they were amateurs, not experts). Youd need a <70lb. of They're not certified and I don't believe there is any requirement that a manufacturer design them or test them to any kind of standard of structural soundness. Powered by Invision Community. And, if you want, you can add a whole-airplane parachute (which itself will allow a few more pounds for other accessories or perhaps a more powerful engine). And maybe lacklustre products deserve a lackluster review! Wallaby Ranch in Florida has been using Rotax 582 powered Dragonflies to aerotow hang gliders for years and that has to be the worst treatment an aero engine can get. Complete Panel U-Fly-It (current builder of the Aerolite 103) offers several engine options, and I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for a solid mill. By any measure this is a singular aircraft (oops, FAA calls them a vehicle because they do not have to meet the hundreds of pages of regulation that apply to certified aircraft). featuring your choice of color(s), Various Engine Configurations Aerolite 103 should be taken from the marketplace. (Photo courtesy We have a super offer in conjunction with AirVenture in Oshkosh next month, announced Dennis in June 2019. instrument (airspeed, altimeter, Hello - Tried to fly the Aerolite 103 today for the first time in XPlane 11 and although I followed the steps below, the propeller would only turn at a rate of 1 revolution per 20 seconds, and not start, as I am outside the craft watching startup. Please contact by email or text one of the directors for more . Practically speaking a Part 103 engine cant be much more than 80lbs. If you have a question, we want to answer it. The Aerolite 103 is fun to fly, but it seems incomplete. ANIM_rotate_key 0 0 Or is the thought that such engineering improvements really arent necessary? All rights reserved. Get Your Aerolite 103 Hats Here! I couldn't reach the technical team even when I was pretending to be an interested buyer. Fairing & Windscreen, Are you building/buying/flying an Experimental Amateur-Built (E-AB) or Experimental Light Sport (E-LSA) aircraft? Aerolite 103 (1996) Engine: 35 hp 2si Wing span 26.8' Length: 17' Height: 6' 5" Wing area: 124 sq/ft Empty weight: 250 lb Useful load: 270 lb Cruise speed: 55 mph Stall speed: 28 mph Structural limits: +4Gs, -2.8 G Steerable nose wheel Joomla! It will be completed and ready to taxi on Saturday afternoon. And there have been several Generac/Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke conversions. Powered by Invision Community, X-Plane VFR, X-Plane Scenery Creation (smaller VFR Airports), Amateur Radio. Come to think of it, Dennis Carlin offers a version of Aerolite 103 with a 4-stroke engine. However, Aerolite lacks for nothing to give you a good time in the air and it wont break your budget. However, on whole, I think this is a highly reliable aircraft. When pressing the start button the engine turns over but it appears to be starved of fuel. Come to think of it, Dennis Carlin offers a version of Aerolite 103 with a 4-stroke . It's a PDF at XP11 General discussion. Ahh yes, the aerolite, i enjoyed flying this thing in xplane quite a bit. Affordable Aviation Can You Find a Budget-Meeting Aircraft for 2022? Converting an S-LSA to E-LSA? For 250 pound pilots, we recommend the Hirth F23. Need help with Letters of Authorization? Sad to hear its getting lackluster reviews. featuring your choice of color(s), Various Engine Configurations But at EUR 18.60 - and once I stop laughing - Id rather fly my kite! Im 71 and not sure how many more years I can fly. They may have every bell and whistle but if you cant afford it, whats the benefit? A couple years ago, Dennis revived the idea of a kit Aerolite 103. Mariano Rosales/EAA). With a very heavy emphasis on the word claim. By 2 Has 447 Rotax engine and Powerfin prop. is Retired from flying. all-in. I honestly thought Nemeth stopped developing addons. On March 16, 2013, about 1000 eastern daylight time, an experimental Aerolite 103, N2549W, was substantially damaged when it collided with terrain near Immokalee, Florida. (18-22hp a piece.) How does it cost to get a Aerolite 103 kit from factory with and without the engine? The frame of the plane remains in excellent condition. Listen, modern airplanes have become quite expensive. Today a kit Aerolite can save even more and the build time wont be long.
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